A little bit of history behind Duck Chang's Restaurant.

A sad note to say that Duck Chang passed away on January 22, 2005. His dedication to refining the art of Chinese culniary techniques is both legenary and admirable. He leaves behind a great legacy and is now part of Peking Duck's history as well as part of Annandale, Virginia's history. A great man, a loving father and a great chef. He will be missed by all.

Did you know that prior to Duck Chang opening his restaurant in 1975 that you actually had to order "Peking Duck" with 24 hrs advanced notice? Duck Chang revolutionized the process of preparing Peking Duck from 24hrs down to a 6 - 8 hrs procedure! Now, you can order Peking Duck anytime as long as Duck Chang's is open!!!

Duck Chang got his name from his public because he was so famous for his Peking Duck! They used to call him the "Duck" man! So when Duck Chang opened his restaurant in 1975, it was only logical to call it what made him famous! Aside from the specialty Peking Duck, Duck Chang's also offers a full menu with specialties from Manderin, Szechuan and Canton provinces.

The Chang Family tradition began over five generations ago, when culinary secrets were passed from father to sons. Duck Chang started his career at the age of thirteen, as an apprentice to his father at the family restaurant in Peking, China. Since then, Duck Chang and his family established several other restaurants in Hong Kong and Thailand. Duck Chang established his restaurant in Annandale, Virginia in 1975, during the course of his famous caree, Duck Chang have served numerous meals and Peking Ducks to a variety of celebrities and dignitaries. In 1982, Duck Chang opened another restaurant called The Peking Duck Restaurant which is located in Alexandria, Virginia. Like father like son, Duck Chang Jr. also prepares great meals and Peking Ducks to carry on the great family tradition.

So if you've never tried Peking Duck at its best, come to one of our location and give your palate a special delight!

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