Peking Duck

is a dish made famous long ago by the Chinese in China. This particular dish is served during banquets and special events with days in advanced notice. The duck had to be dried and air was blown into the duck to separate the skin and meat. After the duck was dried, it was cooked in a one of two ways, a specialized barrel oven which cooked the duck like a convection oven or in a brick oven with an open flame. Our restaurants utilizes the closed oven technique.

In the Orient, when Peking Duck was ordered, only the skin of the duck was served. The meat was taken back into the kitchen to be cooked with bean sprout at an additional charge to the customer. The bone of the duck was made into duck soup which was also served at an additional charge. This was known as the Duck three ways.

It was Duck Chang who revolutionized a new proccess that can provide Peking Ducks without the 24hrs advance notice. He was so famous for his ducks that his public dubbed him "Duck Chang". At our restaurants, you'll find that you can order the Peking Duck anytime as long as we're open. All of our ducks are 6 1/2lbs - 7 1/2lbs before cooking. One can still enjoy the Peking Duck with Duck three ways just like the old days. Althought, at Duck Chang's and Peking Duck Restaurant, the Peking Duck is served with all the skin and all the meat. So, if you've never tried our Ducks, it is time to try it today.

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